The project will be implemented in 8 different EU countries, involving different European territories with particular social phenomenons that need to be solved through a solidarity approach. The project will be implemented at two levels: Local and European level. On a one hand, at European Level, Project Partners (PP) will involve youngsters through 8 international events, to be arranged in the towns of the project partners: Grosuplje (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), Larissa (Greece), Sofia (Bulgaria), Dolores (Spain), Braga (Portugal), Pontonx sur l’Adour (France), Preili (Latvia). The international events will be organized on different dates and in order to create an homogeneous work programme and taking also into consideration the dates of some important local initiatives. In accordance with the type of activities, in most cases the programs are accomplished in the building of the Municipalities, but in some case the event will be organized in conference’s halls, auditoriums or locations able to guarantee a proper development of the specific action (ie: photo tour, creative LAB, graffiti prize, etc.). The transnational cooperation and exchange will guarantee a strong impact and involvement of target groups at EU level, ensuring also a privileged channel for intercultural learning. Events will be organized mainly in connection with local initiatives, in order to maximize the impact and the involvement of participants as well as the dissemination activity. On the other hand, Project Partners will implement project activities in order to produce common project outputs (as project logo, spots, infographics, etc.). In this cases, Project Partners will involve schools and youth associations to implement activities learned in the international events and check its local implementation and share its results with the other project partners. Furthermore, from the local experiences it also will be created a handbook of experiences and best practices.

SOLIDART intends to create a durable cooperation network in the field of Solidarity in Times of Crisis. It will involve young citizens of 8 different European towns who are living the Crisis in specific different ways. These youngsters supported by their local authorities will initiate a creative and participative path where they will develop innovative actions to analyze and debate about current EU challenging situations. SOLIDART also intends to involve youngsters in order to sensitize them with their local problems as European citizens, encouraging their social inclusion.