The project was divided into 8 international events (one per each project partner) and involved directly more than 400 participants, and indirectly more than 25,000 reached people. 

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How it works

  • “Participation is widely regarded an essential, if not the most important, principle of the democracies of our time, and European institutions and organisations have repeatedly emphasised the importance of youth participation to foster young people’s active citizenship, to enhance their integration and inclusion and to strengthen their contribution to the development of democracy”.



The participants attended the cultural centre located in the cultural centre of Almussafes where at the beginning of the morning, the deputy Ms. Davinia Calatayud Sebastià officially welcomed the participants of the kick off meeting framed in the European project FUTUREU. Later on, the participants had a round table with Ms. Ana Eguidanos who explained to all the participants the functioning and main characteristics of the Conference on the future of Europe as well as the contact points to promote citizen participation.

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ROMANIA 7th – 10th September 2022
EU participation for municipalities, European Citizens’ Initiatives 

The participants attended the Municipal Youth Center located in the center of Bucharest where at the beginning of the morning, Mr. Daniel Enachescu, welcomed the participants of the first event of the FUTUREU project. Later on, Mrs. Anamaria Moisa held a presentation about how the Europe citizens’ initiative works – she explained how those initiatives became a reality, the process and how exactly the message reaches the main beneficiaries. In this way, the participants were able to learn about other participation mechanisms, especially for young people, in which they can play a leading role within the European framework. Several representatives of the National Union of Romanian Students were also present at this seminar.

MALTA Participatory Workshop, round-table discussion and Presentation 14th – 17th March 2023

The meeting objectives were to bring together the partners from 6 partner countries and 31 local citizens to discuss, debate and share good practices and ideas on:

– How to disseminate the values and rights of the Conference on the Future of Europe in civil society
– Sharing of good practices and ideas on how to improve the governance of municipalities by disseminating European values among the technical teams of municipalities and associations
– Examine and debate Euroscepticism from a closer approach to European Union policy
– Teach and bring closer the participation mechanisms of European politics
– Improve understanding of the decision-making processes of the European Union
– Encourage civil society and especially young people to actively participate in European politics
– Promote new opportunities for social and intercultural engagement

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POLAND European Citizens’ Initiatives as a tool

This is the third time we have had the opportunity to share time, experiences and exchange good energy. Of course, also to advance the work of the project on the participation of young people in Europe, within the framework of civic and cultural life. 

        During the meeting in Warsaw we had a chance to experience together some workshops. On Wednesday we met in Radość – one of WCK (Wawer Cultural Center) branches. To get know each other better we started with presentations and improv exercises witch are the best way for ice breaking and at the same time wonderful introduction to improv world. We could watch young improvising actors on the scene. It was the group from WCK. Aftrer that we had workshops in terms of trying to understand the generation boundaries and to find some ideas to cross them. Our main goal is to more understand youths and their situation. 

        The workshops „Do you remember? – youngsters – this is us” were soupouse to be a way to find what we have in common, all the generations – we were Divided on four groups and were supposed to work on four different projects each



The actually implemented program followed the thematic material of the Agenda. The basis of the professional work was a lecture accompanied by a ppt presentation, the topic of which was: ‘Presentation and rules of application of the European citizens’ initiative’ (ECI). In the first step, the Hungarian language version of the presentation (21 slides) was presented in consideration of the local participants, then a more detailed presentation in English (25 slides) took place, during which the official procedural practice of the ECI and specific examples were presented. In addition, some Hungarian internet-based interfaces supporting civil initiatives were also presented, showing concrete examples of initiatives.

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NETHERLAND Tomorrow’s Europe, Your Europe July 18-21, 2023

The developed agenda and the whole organization of this event was targeting to Disseminate the values and rights of the Conference on the Future of Europe in civil society, improve the governance of municipalities by disseminating European values, examine and debate Euroscepticism from a closer approach, teach and bring closer the participation mechanisms of European politics, improve understanding of the decision-making processes of the European Union, encourage civil society and especially young people and promote new opportunities for social and intercultural engagement.

Participants had the chance to develop their awareness regarding the importance of these European values through debate, information and best practices sharing and dialogue with interactive and informative activities. An important point always had in mind was the enormous importance of their role in decision-making processes and their responsibility as European citizens in building a more inclusive Europe, both through exchanging views with other participants, such as through the discussions and debates


ROMANIA Lecture, thematic activity of working groups, debate, discussion, guided tour 24th -27th of October

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a dynamic and interactive event designed to enhance the active participation of European Union citizens in shaping the future of their continent. This conference is the culmination of a multifaceted project, with a range of engaging activities aimed at empowering individuals and promoting meaningful engagement with EU affairs. This conference serves as a forum for citizens to come together, share ideas, and voice their concerns and aspirations for the future of the European Union. Through a combination of information, empowerment, grassroots engagement, and interactive learning, the Conference on the Future of Europe encourages greater EU citizen participation, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for the continent’s destiny.