Out of Classroom – training course

15-23 June 2022 – Władysławowo, Poland

Out Of Classroom is an Erasmus+ training course for youth workers (KA1) focusing on rediscovering the principles and methods of non-formal education that can be used while working with young people at risk of exclusion. Non-formal education is an extremely popular concept nowadays – many NGOs advertise their projects as based on participants’ active involvement. Despite this, many of the youth workers organizing this kind of activities do not have a proper theoretical basis and understanding of what non-formal education should really entail. 

Through this training course, we would like to go back to basics and have an in-depth reflection on the concept, discovering what it really means and learning how to design, monitor, and evaluate effective out-of-school projects for youngsters at risk. As a result, we want to our participants to start seeing non-formal education as more than just a buzz word and adopt it as a guiding philosophy that is a basis of their work.

As this project is dedicated to the topic of non-formal education, we will put a lot of emphasis on the crucial concept of self-assessment and monitoring one’s individual learning journey. The participants will also have a chance to reflect upon their own existing competences asfacilitators and adding new ones to their desired set of competences necessary in their work. Providing participants with a deep knowledge on competences in the beginning of this youth workers mobility will increase their chances to undergo a more effective, efficient, and aware learning process and act as intentional learners throughout the whole training.

Who are we looking for

Before applying to our training course, please make sure you fulfill the following criteria:
– open to new methodologies and willing to learn
– committed to organize dissemination events and provide quality project visibility
– being able to communicate freely in English (both speaking and writing)
– being a legal resident in one of the participating countries (Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia,Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Ukraine).


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