“Breaking the Myths” – Debate

“Breaking the Myths” was the title of an online debate on the issue of fake news, which was organized by the Self-Creation Foundation as part of the FACT (Foster Awareness on the relevance of Checking the Truth) project. The meeting was attended by, students and adults from all over Poland. The substantive part and discussion was moderated by Dr. Piotr Czyszkowski – a specialist in communications and media, as well as a radio and television journalist. The debate consisted of two parts.

The first meeting, held on June 17, 2024, discussed issues related to the problem of fake news, as well as disinformation and hybrid warfare. The following issues were also discussed: information vs. communication, information noise, interference, distortion, information vs. truth, responsibility for information and the role of the media.

The second meeting was held on April 24, 2024. The panel analyzed selected examples of fake news. It also sought answers to the question: how to recognize fake news and disinformation, and how to defend against them? Initiatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission to combat fake news and disinformation were also discussed, and finally, issues related to fake news in the context of current legal regulations in Poland were discussed.

According to the participants, the debate was an interesting initiative that helped them understand the phenomenon of fake news and the problem of disinformation more broadly. As they agreed, similar debates should occur more often in order to educate and sensitize the public to the problem of disinformation.