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Project Result 1: FOODY EU e-course for trainers and youth workers

The FOODY EU E-course for trainers and youth workers represents a significant achievement in the project. This course serves as a new quality service for youth, focusing on real issues related to food waste management. It is designed to facilitate the professional development of youth workers and trainers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to address the pressing issue of food waste and its connection to social enterprises. The course covers a range of vital topics and offers practical insights and solutions for the youth working in this field. 

Key Topics Covered in the E-course:

  1. NEETs’ Barriers and Overcoming Them: This section explores the challenges faced by NEETs (young people Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and provides specific strategies to overcome these barriers.
  2. Non-Formal Education Techniques Applied to Social Entrepreneurship for NEETs: Here, participants learn how non-formal education methods can effectively promote social entrepreneurship among NEETs.
  3. Circular Economy – Key Elements and Information: The course delves into the essential principles and concepts of the circular economy, emphasising its relevance to food waste management.
  4. The Food Industry and Its Waste Management System: Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the food industry and its waste management processes.
  5. Circular Economy Applied to the Food Industry and Its Waste Management: This section explores how circular economy principles can be applied specifically to the food industry’s waste management practices.
  6. Fostering NEETs’ Motivation in the FOODY EU Program: Strategies for motivating NEETs to actively engage in the FOODY EU program are discussed, emphasising the importance of youth engagement.
  7. Case Studies and Examples: The course includes real-world case studies and examples from various regions, offering valuable insights into food management and waste reduction efforts worldwide.

This E-course equips trainers and youth workers with a robust toolkit to address pressing societal issues related to food waste and youth unemployment. It empowers them to foster social innovation, environmental responsibility, and entrepreneurial spirit among young participants.