Inclusive Cities – TOOLKIT

This publication contains methods for creative community need assessment that were invented, tested in the local communities, and finalized in a form of a practical guide. Our tool kit is divided into chapters – each of them is devoted to a specific method that allows NGOs and municipalities explore and discover the needs of the local communities and use the results of this research to design more effective urban projects that are specifically addressed to adult inhabitants at risk of exclusion, especially due to their migration background.  We included step by step instructions and practical instructions that will allow our learners to implement the very same methods in their local communities. The Tool Kit is designed to be used for everyone who works with adults in urban spaces – if you are an educator from an NGO, you work at the local municipality, university, library or any type of setting where you design projects for adults/local communities, this publication is for you! It will help you understand what community need assessment is and how to use more innovative methods to support your learners more effectively.

Apart from the practical methods of community need assessment, we also present a collection of the best practices – urban projects from Europe that contribute to building more inclusive, open, and safe city communities. 

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