SI4SI: Join us for the first meeting within Social Innovations Incubator!

Social Innovations Incubator: Meeting

Wednesday, 13th December 2017

Time: 5:30 pm

Workshop room at Federacja Centrum Szpitalna

Szpitalna Street 5/5 (1st Entrence, 3rd floor), Warsaw

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The meeting will be in Polish.

What are social innovations and social entrepreneurship?

These are the words that are not really recognizable in our country, although broadly included in EU programms.

What projects get financial support and a chance to become examples of intersector cooperation?

Is business connected to acting for the good of others?

During the meeting we will learn about the examples of actions and generate ideas for the next ones. Join us in this process of finding new solutions to unsolved so far social issues!

Meeting 1. IDENTYFICATIONS is the first one of four organized within the cycle of Social Innovations Incubator. It doesn’t oblige you to participate in the next meetings. Come and find out if you want to participate in the future!

The next meetings during which i.a. we will meet people that practice daily social entrepreneurship will take place:

Meeting 2. INNOVATIONS (January 2018) – we will look for solutions of those social issues that we choose and we will find out what is the most important in achieving the change and connecting different actors in common action.

Meeting 3. IMPLEMENTATIONS (March 2018) – how to implement an idea step by step with examples; how to complete goals?

Meeting 4. IMPLICATIONS (May/beginning of June 2018) – how to make changes that will stimulate further actions?

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The meeting will take place under LSG activity within SI4SI project.

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