EYE in Rural

The multiplier event of the Erasmus + in Poland took place on 10th December 2021 in culture Center “Raj w Niebie”, Nowy Świat street, Poland. The event was attended by 45 participants, the majority being employees at the small companies, young entrepreneurs and educators. They have a great focus on carrying out entrepreneurship activities. 

The event was introduced by a general presentation of the project (partner consortium, general goals, methodologies) using moreover the slide show produced by the partners. During the event the participants were introduced to the general facts about Erasmus + programme and the Eye-project and the website of the project. A particular focus was dedicated to the presentation of the Intellectual Outputs.  

  • On-line book for Entrepreneurship 
  • Education Module on Entrepreneurship of young in Rural & Curriculum for the   Educational Module     
  • Hand-book  

All materials were printed for participants. They have also opportunity to discus the issue during the networking activity. 

All the participants showed great interest in the Project. The educators involved in the event promote the entrepreneurship in rural areas and different cultures.