Pandora: Melania z Włoch dołączyła do naszego zespołu

W ramach projektu ‘Pandora–Discovering European Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurship’ dołączyła do nas Melania z naszej partnerskiej organizacji z Włoch – H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization. Melania zostanie z name do początku sierpnia. Oto krótka wiadomość od Melanii:

Hello everyone!!!!

I’m Melania and just started this new experience in Warsaw with Autokreacja Foundation.

Let me introduce myself! I studied International Relations for Cooperation and Development and I’m interested in migration field and in social-economic policies, but my real passion is research. As a researcher I  published a quali-quantitative analysis of migrant entrepreneurs in Italy.
Something less boring? I love to travel. I enjoy long walks, playing volleyball and discovering new cultures through popular dishes!

H.R.Y.O was founded in 2009 with the aim to strengthen the Human Rights at a local and global level. We believe in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding and we see education as an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, all aspects of equality and sustainability.

In less than a week I attended a film workshop about No Hate Speech and we shoot a short film in order to break down prejudice!

I’m sure it will be the two months full of stimuli and improvement!

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