EUROPE + ASIA CONFERENCE Youth oriented CSR, 11.10.2017 Warsaw

On 11th October 2017 in Warsaw we organize EUROPE + ASIA Conference Youth oriented CSR, during which there will be presented European and Asian solutions in CSR field. Guests include representatives of public sector, business and non-profit organisations from India, Philippines, Thailand, the UK and Poland.

Durng the conference the representatives of global corporations will present the solutions included in CSR strategies of international companies, such as Bosch or Hyundai. Also, non-profit organisations will have a possibility to discover how to use business sources. It will be a great opportunity to learn about Asian culture of CSR and find out what are the differences in comparison to the European one.

Why youth?

Most of our projects are youth-focused. Our experience so far in working  with young people showed that these are entrepreneurial and creative individuals who do not have enough knowledge or opportunities to realise their idea, implement a project, find the perfect job or set up a start-up. Target group of the event are representatives of businesses that practice corporate social responsibility policy and non-profit organisations that have direct contact with young people and their needs.

Why you should come?

  • it is an opportunity to meet international experts in CSR field;
  • there will be a lot of networking possibilities;
  • you will learn about youth needs and how to efficient respond to those;
  • it will be an opportunity for you to strengthen the effectiveness of your actions and minimize the negative impact;
  • you will learn about real needs and problems of local community.

Networking for development

The culmination of the conference will be “CSR Night”, a networking activity that brings together all the participants, including speakers and representatives of business and non-profit organisations to meet and discover how they could work together in the future.

More information on:
DATE: 11 October 2017; registration from 9:30am
VENUE: Zebra Tower, Conference Room, 12th Floor, 1 Mokotowska Street, Warsaw


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