London experience within Pandora project

It’s been three weeks now since Anita Duda has joined The Ubele Initiative in London as part of the project ‘Pandora – Discovering European opportunities for Female Entrepreneurship’.

The Ublele Initiative was found in 2014 with a mission to contribute to the sustainability of the African Diaspora community in the UK and build a better future through increasing community’s capacity to lead, and  creating innovative and entrepreneurial social responses to some of the most stuck social issues. Anita is not only learning about social entrepreneurship in the UK, but also contributes to the projects led by The Ubele Initiative.

She had great time so far, visiting i.a. The Carnaval del Pueblo Association and participating in NCVO Annual Conference that brought together members of the UK’s voluntary sector. In the meantime she is exploring Tottenham and Brixton learning about African heritage.

Read more about Anita’s experience in London:

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