Youth Map training on participative methods, Palermo

Last week (13-17 November 2017) we participated in Palermo in a training on participative methodologies to support the youth workers in the realization of activities with youth at risk of social exclusion.

We had a great opportunity to learn about different neighbourhoods of Palermo, their needs and social work that has been done so far. We visited different local associations and the department of youth and social policies of Palermo. All that was supported by learning and practicing of the participative methods of working with young people, such as urban mapping, focus group, world café, interviews etc.

The training was organized by Bond of Union and Sguardi Urbani with the participation of other partners Ideas Factory (Bulgaria) Dramblys (Spain) and Gangway e.V. (Germany).

The next activity will be youth exchange focused on mapping of specific neighbourhood that will take place in Palermo in March 2018.

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