How to project smart CSR actions that include youth? Youth oriented CSR Conference

EUROPE+ASIA COONFERENCE Youth oriented CSR took place on 11th October 2017 in Warsaw. The event focused on presenting successfully working examples of European and Asian solutions in CSR that include youth and development of young people’s potential.

How to project smart CSR actions that include youth?

How should look cooperation between business and non-profit organisations to identify a social issue and find an effective solution?

How to engage business employees in CSR actions?

What is the role of business in the integration process of migrant-workers and promotion of cultural diversity in a workplace and society?

These are only a few examples of questions that our guests were trying to find the answer for.

The Conference brought together representatives of all three sectors and that was one of the main goals of the event. It was a great opportunity to learn about the examples of initiatives and projects that include engaging young people and cooperation between business and non-profit to develop consistent and responding to the most pressing social problems CSR strategies.

We wish to thank all our speakers and guests!

About youth and business in Europe and Asia spoke:

GURUNANDAN RAO M – Senior officer, Corporate Social Responsibility, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (RBEI), Bosch India

RIOR SANTOS – United Nations Volunteer Programme Officer in Thailand; President of Institute for Global Education (IGEEI)

RENE G. PIZARRO – Senior Vice President, Hyundai Asia Resource, Inc. (HARI-Foundation)

IRIS CALUAG – Plan International

JACQUELINE KACPRZAK – Ministry of Economic Development, Poland

GUSTAVO MEIXNER – Spanish & Portuguese Training Centre, Wielka Brytania

PAULINA ADAMCZAK – Association for Legal Intervention

AGNIESZKA MIKULSKA-JOLLES – Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

JANINA OWCZAREK – International Organization for Migration

KAMIL WYSZKOWSKI – UN Global Compact Network Poland

PAULINA BEDNARZ – Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play

ANNA SKOCZ – Semper Avanti Association

PIOTR KOLERA Coca – Cola HBC Poland


JOANNA GOSIEWSKA-GIRALT – Fundacja Program Pomocy Pierwsza Praca

KAROLINA KULCZYCKA – Fundacja Program Pomocy Pierwsza Praca

ADAM NIEMKIEWICZ – Morena Association

More information about the projects and events organized within CSR-Youth initiative you can find on:

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