We set up Autokreacja because we like to work with people! In our projects we invest most of the time and energy into initiatives that give us the opportunity to directly interact with people.

Our Foundation was registered in 2010 to support all those who want to develop their potential by engaging in their communities. We want to connect not only individuals, but also institutions and organisations that share common goal.

Our belief that sharing our own experiences with each other is the best path of development allows us to be open to new initiatives and approach with enthusiasm the possibility of cooperation with organizations from around the world.

We have built so far an international network of contacts with the countries of the European Union and Asia, with particular emphasis on the Philippines, Nepal and India.

Our experience in working with young people has affirmed our conviction that they are entrepreneurial and creative people who, do not have enough knowledge or opportunities to implement their idea, find a dream job or set up a start-up. Therefore, in 2017, we set up  CSR-Youth initiative, which aims to improve the quality of management in organizations working with youth in Europe and Asia, by supporting youth oriented activities within CSR strategies.