YOUROPE: Meeting in Altea

As the October 2018 was coming to an end, the project “Yourope: Joining paths to build a better perception of Europe” has started. We’ve met with seven other partners from different European countries in Altea – one of the coastal towns in Spain – to participate in three-day Kick-Off Meeting and to commence joint action.

The main goal of the project is to reach out young people with intent to inform them, encourage to open a dialogue and also to make them aware of the importance of the European Union in everyday lives.

For this purpose, each of partners will organise a meeting combined with debate and workshops, which aims to build a better connection between individuals and the European Union. Taking this into consideration, the project is well-organised from the very beginning –  we have established all of the dates, matters and selected problems we want to put forward. Each partner has been given a specific topic from the scope of EU to focus on one coverage and provide the relevant knowledge.

We jointly put out our heads together and reflected on European policy, EU initiatives and ways to disseminate and affect a larger number of young people. We were introduced to local organisations and youth associations to finally participate in the intergenerational debate. It was a great opportunity to get familiar with an opinion of not only project’s partners, but also young people, who already formed an opinion about EU. Youth will have a huge influence on Europe future; the jointed discussion was therefore incredibly important. The old ones could have look on EU through the eyes of youth and youth could have heard about experience and knowledge of the old ones. We exchanged our observations and thoughts. The present and the near future is in the hands of all of us, but young people are those, who the distant future needs.

After Kick-Off Meeting each of us knows, what to do, to obtain what we care about the most. How to raise awareness of young citizens. How to encourage them to continue the discussion.
How to join paths to build a better perception of Europe. 

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The ‘Yourope: Joining Paths To Build A BetterPerception of Europe project is funded under the EU’s ‘Europe for Citizens’ Program.

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