We strongly recommend to start the application process 3-4 months before you plan to travel to Asia.

Step 1. Fill in the Application form available here. Send it to us at with your CV and cover letter in English. In your cover letter please provide information about your skills, experience, strengths and weaknesses and your project choice justification.

Step 2. We will reach out to you and arrange a meeting to discuss your project choice and further steps.

Step 3. After you meet with us and decide to apply, it is necessary to pay a non-refundable fee: 100 Euros.

Step 4. As soon as you receive payment confirmation and letter of acceptance from our partner organisation, you can begin preparations.

From this moment you should check your passport validity, buy your flight tickets and take care of such issues as visa, vaccines and health insurance.

You can count on our support and good advice 🙂

When do projects start? On the first Monday of each month. After a week-long training, a volunteer begins to work in a project.

English skills: All projects require English skills at communicative level.

Long-term volunteering – minimum 3 months.

Mid-term volunteering – 1-3 months.


As you choose from the Teaching projects, you will help Indian school workers with their work. Volunteers by bringing their enthusiasm and creativity contribute to the increase of education level at schools. If you want to help to achieve this goal, apply for projects below. Indian students are waiting for teachers like you!

Regular Teaching – you will assist with English language learning by using creative teaching methods, encourage and develop learning levels and cognitive skills of the students. If you want to teach through different kinds of activities such as games, songs, arts and crafts or sports, then this project is for you!

Please note that due to school holidays, thia project will remain closed during the following months: March until May; in the month of October; and sometimes in December.

Orphan Children Teaching – as a volunteer you will have the chance to work in orphanages, by supporting the staff in the project with the daily care of orphan children. The work is varies and a creative approach to work will be useful. Your daily work may include activities like helping children with their homework, playing with the children in the evening, cleaning, cooking, gardening, teaching games etc.

Ethnic Tribes Teaching – there are several ethnic minorities in India that face such issues as lack of proper education, infrastructure and medical facilities. Working in this project requires flexibility and volunteers should try to get involved with the local community for example by working with them. Strong language barrier will be a challenge. You will teach tribal children and help the staff in daily activities.

Street Children Teaching – the focus is to take children away from the streets and from their working place in order to give them a chance to live a decent and acceptable standard of life. The effort is to try and place as many of these children in centres, boarding schools and day-care shelters etc. and help them return to the regular schooling system. As a volunteer you will be teaching and supporting the staff in the daily activities of the schools.

Minimum application for Street Children Teaching is for three to six months.

Kindergarten / Anganwadi Teaching – an Anganwadi is a day centre for children below 6 years of age. One of its main roles is to provide non-formal, pre-school education to children between 3 to 5. As a volunteer you will teach children and help workers at healthcare  centres.

Please note that due to school holidays, this project will remain closed during the following months: March until May; in the month of October; and sometimes in December.

Speech and Hearing impaired Children Teaching – communication difficulties often lead to social isolation and low self-esteem. You will be teaching children spoken and written English, Mathematics, Geography etc., assist in computer reporting work, photo/video documentation and train children on life skills, health and personal hygiene.

Please note that due to school holidays, these projects will remain closed during the following months: March until May; in the month of October; and sometimes in December.

Sea Turtle Conservation – the work is focused on protection and conservation of sea turtle, by promoting awareness about the eco-system and addressing related environmental issues.

This project is seasonal and starts in August and runs until February, only for six months. The work requires high degree of motivation, interest and some knowledge in this particular field is useful. Please remember in the first month and the last month the majority of the work includes documentation. There is no guarantee that you will see sea turtles, hatchlings or eggs while working on this project.

Environmental Education – as a volunteer you will educate the local community on the economic and social benefits of environmental protection and conservation of nature and natural resources. You will design and run the Eco-club sessions in the schools with the help of other volunteers, organize outdoor events for children and work with the local community.

Minimum application for Environmental Education is for two months.

Rain Water Harvesting – with the concept of “catch water where it falls” our partner networks with local organisations that are working for conservation and promotion of water resources through multiple approaches. As a volunteer you will contribute to initiatives through participation in campaigns for promoting water literacy, documentation and research.

Water and Sanitation – you will be a part of ‘Dream Village Project’ and Environment Education Project and raise awareness among students and adults in villages through innovative methods. As a volunteer you will be helping also to construct sanitary toilets.

Animal Care and Conservation – you will be providing treatment and taking care of animals, conducting surveys, documentation, preparing information, education and communication materials.

Limited projects are available, and requires an application for the duration of minimum of three months.

Sustainable Agriculture / Organic Farming – as a volunteer you will be working with the farming community and the associated organisations that assist in sustainable agriculture and/or organic farming. One of your tasks will be conducting awareness on the importance of sustainable agriculture, facilitate trainings.

Children with Special Needs – volunteers can be huge change-makers in such projects by participating and bringing joy in lives of these children. Involve in maintenance and gardening work, prepare and serve meals, provide company.

Rehabilitation Projects – underprivileged social groups have to deal with many problems every day, experiencing injustice. As a volunteer in this project, you will support these groups, sharing with them your skills. Creativity plays here an important role. You can run classes on computer use, micro-finances or other useful skills. All that to improve their role in society and open new perspectives.

Old Age Home / Geriatric Care  – you will be working at old age homes, interacting with the old people and providing basic support to the staff in their daily routine.

Women Empowerment – you will be working with Self Help Groups – platforms that enable micro-credit options for the economically disadvantaged. Your tasks will be teaching English, building capacity in computer literacy, raising awareness on health and hygiene, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives and income generation activities and many more.

Slum Children Teaching and Development – the aim is to improve the basic living conditions of the large number of people residing in slums. As a volunteer you will mainly focus on teaching slum children in small shelters or in schools, supporting the staff, conducting awareness campaigns on health, water and sanitation.

Ethnic Tribal Development – tribes in India are neglected and suffer from under-development. You will be working with ethnic tribal community in partnership with community based organisations, conduct healthcare, education trainings and promote tribal rights.

Limited projects are available, and most require a minimum application of two months.

Prevention of Child Labour / Promotion of Child Rights – there are millions deprived children in India, who have never a normal, carefree childhood. They are employed in many industries and trades, including garments, footwear, hotels and textile shops. As a volunteer you will be associated with a community organisation that is involved in special health care programs, conducting awareness campaigns, surveys, facilitating training and capacity building for the parents and community workers.

Limited projects are available, and most require a minimum application of two months.

Medical Internship – as medical intern you will experience the healthcare system in India. If you have no medical experience, your role will be mainly observational. If you come with a medical background, you will be given more responsibility. You will be working with doctors and medical staff to support the patient. The hospitals can get very busy and your schedule may change daily. There will be much for you to see and gain experience.

Nutrition and Health – as a volunteer you will be working with healthcare centres or community based organisations. Your tasks will include catering to the healthcare and nutritional needs of the rural community, organising health camps, conduct surveys, facilitate training and capacity building for the health workers etc.

Limited projects are available, and most require a minimum application of two months.

Special Teaching – our partner organisation is always looking for people with different vocational or special skills. For example, if you are a musician, a carpenter, an electrician or a qualified Maths teacher or web designer etc., we can consider special projects for you in which, you can use your special skills to benefit and serve and underprivileged community.

Special Learning our partner gives an option for placing volunteers who are interested in dance, music, wood carving, stone carving, yoga, massage, eco farming, puppetry, to help mini projects by involving themselves in these art forms and to give performances to spread it to others.

Please note:

a) Special Learning Projects will be conducted for 1 to 3 hours every day. During free time volunteers are also expected to be engaged in some social work like teaching in the local schools or helping other volunteers in other projects.

b) For Special Learning projects, you have to pay an extra charge depending on the skill you want to learn –the extra fee is towards the fee for the skilled teacher and this will be informed to you at the time of applying.

c) The application for Special Learning projects must be sent at least 2 months in advance.

Media / PR / Research and Documentation – many NGO’s and nonprofits in India are often understaffed and find it challenging to document their activities in English. Volunteers interested in this field will be involved in designing and creating content for the online and offline communication platforms, like annual reports, brochures, website, social media etc., research and documentation.

Volunteering within Work Camps lasts 2-3 weeks and is a great example of how a common effort of people from different cultures and countries can make a change! Being an open-minded, creative, and willing to help is all you need. Apply for projects below!

Work Camps for 2018 coming soon!

Practical information

Every volunteer stays in a rented guest house or hostel, with shared rooms. A volunteer receives also 3 meals per day.

The fee for each Work Camp project differs and it has to be covered on the first day of arrival. The currency needs to be converted to Indian Rupees.

After arrival, a volunteer take part in a one-day orientation training.


First month (one-week training included): 250 Euros

Next months: 220 Euros for each month

Additional costs: 40 Euros for airport pick-up and drop-off (optional)

During the first 3 days of training, a volunteer signs a contract with our partner organisation and covers the fee. Please note that if a volunteer has applied for more than three months, the fee for the first three months is collected at the beginning of the project. If a volunteer has applied for less than three months, then the entire participation fee will be collected in the beginning itself. Volunteers have to ensure that they have the currency converted to Indian Rupees before they arrive and make certain that they have the full amount available with them.

Fee doesn’t cover costs of:

  • airplane tickets
  • visa
  • vaccinations
  • health insurance
  • pocket money for expenses not connected to volunteering.

A volunteer covers all the costs not related to volunteering. For example, if a volunteer decides to travel on the weekends during, prior or post the volunteering period, he or she needs to cover all the costs related to it.

Accommodation and food

Accommodation for volunteers can either be at the project, in a local host family, or in a hostel –depending on the project, location and availability. A volunteer will meet the host family during the orientation week. The hosts provide also the meals – three times a day.

Volunteers should be prepared for basic accommodation and basic Indian food. As part of the community living experience, volunteers are expected to adjust to shared bedrooms and bathrooms, strict timings for meals, house rules and etiquette, and dress code. You should be willing to become part of your host family.


Volunteers arrive at Kundapur or Bangalore by the first Monday of each month. Bangalore has an International airport and Kundapur is well connected to Bangalore by train and bus, the closest Airport to Kundapur is Mangalore Airport. All volunteers will meet at a common meeting point, where they will be picked up. Specific information regarding their arrival will be sent to the volunteers in a pre-arrival letter.


A volunteer covers the cost of visa. Please note that according to the new Visa Regulations, volunteers coming to India to do voluntary service with/through a registered Indian organization need to apply for an “Employment Visa” (to work with NGO / Non-Profit organization). No other visa is acceptable.

All volunteers will have to produce two photocopies of their passport and their visa respectively.

Orientation week

Orientation week is an obligatory activity organized at the beginning of each month for new volunteers. It takes place in Kundapur or Bangaluru. During this time, the volunteers learn about the culture, language and safety issues. The volunteers take part in Kannada or Tamil language classes. It is also an opportunity to join yoga, cooking or Hindu philosophy sessions.

Regarding long-term projects (over 3 months), once per month our partner organisation invites all volunteers for a so called “Cultural Event”. This is an opportunity for the volunteers and coordinators to discuss the progress, share their experience and challenges.

Each volunteer is allocated a LTV Coordinator on his/her arrival who supports the volunteer in their project, and monitors the progress during their voluntary service. If possible, also monthly project visits are paid by the coordinator.

Volunteers are expected to complete and submit a Final Feedback report and Final Evaluation report at the end  of their volunteering program. This should detail their work, progress, problems, solutions and suggestions for future volunteers and our partner organisation.