The Himalayan Beauty – a volunteer’s day in India

Do you have any doubts whether it is worth going for a Work Camp to India??

We encourage you to read the article below, which describes a typical day of volunteering in India. Patrycja took part in the Himalayan Beauty Work Camp in October and would like to share her experience J

I spent 3 weeks in India, where I had the opportunity to meet, live and work with people from almost the whole world. Our team of volunteers included me (Poland), a girl from France, two guys from Italy, one from Costa Rica and one from south India.

During our stay, we made a good team. Not only the national barriers weren’t relevant, but also the age difference. One of the volunteers was in his forties and had no issues with getting along well with the rest of the group.

Days in India were quite similar. Every day, we were getting up in the morning and after breakfast we were going to school (about 40 minutes walking distance) where we were meeting with students. It was a first-grade school where children aged 3-9 were learning. It’s difficult for them to learn English so our goal was to help them with it. In order for children to learn more easily, we tried to combine learning with fun and organized different types of games.

The kids really liked us. They were shouting and smiling each time we crossed the school threshold.
We also helped with renovations in this facility.

A great part of our trip was integration with the Tibetan people. We had the opportunity to visit many places, museums and organizations to better understand the problems of today’s Tibet.

The family we stayed with was very friendly and open. Thanks to them, we were able to actively participate in one of the most important Hindu festivals, the Diwali – the celebration of light.

The trip to India allowed me to get to know the culture of this country, but above all it was an unforgettable experience!

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