One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead is a cross-national initiative designed to promote social entrepreneurship as a way for empowering youth at risk. Our aim is to increase professional capacities of participating NGOs by developing and giving them access to educational tools and methodological approaches allowing them to open up social enterprises that would contribute to sustainable development of their local communities.

The main aim of this project is to promote social entrepreneurship as a way for empowering young people with fewer opportunities and preventing them from permanent social exclusion and permanent unemployment.

This project was developed, due to the need to go deeper into exploring connections between promoting entrepreneurial activities and empowering young people with fewer opportunities. The above mentioned need is strongly rooted in the context of contemporary Europe. Both governmental and nongovernmental institutions try to come up with effective solutions to help the unprecedented number of young people permanently excluded from the labor market. One of the most efficient strategies is empowering youngsters to create their own work places, hence we find it crucial to promote entrepreneurial education.


The “One Step Ahead” Project is implemented with the financial support of the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.

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