„Job shadowing” is a type of an internship that provides precious and practical experience. It lets participants know overall of somebody’s working space and attend some of their tasks. Thanks to „Leaders in the intercultural organisation” project Autokreacja Foundation’s employees have an opportunity to have a look at their partners’ work.

The first trip in the project Erasmus Plus. Educational Mobility
The mobility of Adult Education Staff will continue from May 14th to July 15th in Valencia. This is where our partner – UNIMEL Organisation – has its headquarters.

UNIMEL is a non-profit organisation which contribute to education and culture improvement. It started as an educational forum, created by different entities engaged in education and culture: teachers, parents, organisations, special-needed people and their families, journalists and individual members of the collective. UNIMEL plays a key role in initiating new curriculums – especially for adults. They also make it easier to distribute new teaching methods in Spain, as well as coordinate projects related to management of the quality of education.

UNIMEL actively implement projects connected with multiculturalism. First of all, there are migrants employed in the team, which gives the organisation a multiculturalism character. Programs are constructed to encourage people from different countries and environment to take part in the life of local societies, promote intercultural dialogue, democratic values, equal opportunities and solidarity.

They also give lectures to cultural assistants. In many UE countries schools as well as public institution hire social-cultural consultants/mediators. Their task is to break the stereotypes resulting from cultural and social differences, deal with conflict situations and make getting to know each other easier.

What is more, they organise – in collaboration with Valencia University – Spanish lessons for immigrants. Having a global network of partners, they organise events, forums, discussion panels – for example, „Culture Mixer” where people interested in multiculturalism and migration can meet in an informal atmosphere and then together create development projects, which contribute to the improvement of economic and social migrant’s condition.

Not only has UNIMEL a reach experience in working with European organisations, but also with organisations from Asia and South America.

The project “Leaders in intercultural organization” was implemented with the financial support of the European Commission in the farme of Erasmus Plus program. Action 1. Learning mobility
Mobility of adult education staff.



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