INNOVOL intends to deliver an innovative methodology for enhancing capacities and management skills in NPOsworking with and for Youth, capable of including a participatory approach in the governance of such organizations, that are asked to become more responsive towards young, in general, and their own volunteers and workers.

Focusing, thus, on Volunteering &Youth, INNOVOL is indeed completely in line with the approach at EU level that designs Youth policies also harnessing the potential of voluntary work,as a factor of “economic and social cohesion”and a key element for the individual and professional development of young, also in view of their placement into the labor market, reinforcing their soft/transversal skills and capacities.

 The 2009 European Youth Strategy addresses local and transnational needs of Volunteering & Youth including non-formal/informal learning programs that follow a bottom-up strategy: from a needs analysis at the local level, mobility experiences and the sharing of good practices at transnational level, also focusing on ICT-media literacy and OERuse, often still unexplored by non-profit organizations.

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