Imagine Europe. Bremen, Germany

by Saffron N. Johnson

Recently we at Autokreacja were lucky enough to leave the extreme cold of Poland behind and embark on journey to Bremen, Germany where we were to take part in a project, which revolved around bringing together communities within the EU with other organisations from Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.

Over the short span of two days we explored the benefits of living within the EU through a tour of Bremen, visiting the many places that have been resourced to aid communities through inclusion, education and empowerment. One of the places we visited was Bremen’s old Postal Office that had been repurposed as a non-formal educational workshop open to all people. With 3D printers and laser cutters, people of all ages were able to use this space to either work on their own projects, or to be apart of the digital coding classes that were being run in order to learn new skills and take them out into the world.

In addition to seeing all that Bremen had to offer its people, we were also able to speak to the youth of Bremen in order to find out what their views on Europe were, and to see if they feel if they have benefited in anyway from being apart of the EU. To have these conversations with these young people was probably the most important part of the trip for me, as I feel it is vital for people to be able to share their experiences and stories, and as everyone who was on the Imagine EU project had such a diverse background of ethnicities and nationalities, I feel that being bale to have a conversation was all the more that important for these youth as they were able to hear our stories on living within the EU, and what opportunities or maybe even hindrances we have had due to this.

Although our purpose for being in Germany was to of course be involved in this project, we were also lucky enough to explore the old architecture and vast culture of Bremen, a beautiful small town that holds much life, colour and love for it’s people.

Project Imagine Europe receives funding under the Europe for Citizens programme,

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