Digital Relationships

The increasingly digitalized world in which we live and in which our children move as “digital natives” presents parents, but also society as a whole, with ever new challenges. In recent years there has been rapid technological development, which has led to a large part of the social life of many young people, and increasingly also of children, taking place online.

They are often not sufficiently aware of their role as role models in this respect and do not reflect the digital parts of their own social relationships, or only slightly so. We want to find out how much and in what form digital relationships are lived in European families and how this affects them. A further question will be whether parents in other European countries are able to cope with this challenge and what solutions they have found.

This is why we want to exchange ideas in the consortium, work together on this topic and make our ideas available to as many parents, grandparents and children working with children in Europe as possible.

There will initially be research in the individual partner countries, which will provide an overview of the current state of knowledge and research on the topic. In the course of the project, each partner in his or her country will conduct and evaluate partially standardized conversations with at least 5 families (traditional, rainbow families or single parents) and present them to the other partners in a meeting. The results of the survey will be summarised and published towards the end of the project.


The project “Digital Relationships” is implemented with the financial support of the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.

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