Digital Relationships: Kick-Off Meeting in Germany

The world, in which we live in, is becoming more and more digitized. This affects particularly    young people and increasingly also children. They spend most of their social time online, contacting and chatting with friends. However, this applies not only to young people – also more and more elderly people use the opportunities offered us by the network. Sometimes online contact is the only option they have – especially when their family lives in another country and they simply cannot often see each other.

The number of this kind of situations is still growing. Therefore, during the “Digital Relationships” project, we strive to get to know these families closer – how quickly is their number growing? How do these relationships affect the whole family? How do they deal with it?

On November 26-27, during the Kick-Off Meeting in Winsen, Germany, together with other partners we considered these and other issues. We were wondering about the questions, which will allow us to get acquainted with families and their own “digitized” history during our interviews.

To better understand the current situation in the world, we bent over statistics from each of the partner countries – Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Bulgaria. We were looking for differences and similarities. We discussed our own experiences and storied we had heard previously. We have put forward preliminary conclusions allowing us to prepare for upcoming histories.

Each partner has experience in working with people of all generations. We will conduct interviews with European families, so we will finally be able to share over thirty stories, lessons and ideas with as many parents, children and grandparents as possible.

The project “Digital Relationships” was implemented with the financial support of the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus program.

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