INNOVOL intends to deliver an innovative methodology for enhancing capacities and management skills in NPOsworking with and for Youth, capable of including a participatory approach in the governance of such organizations, that are asked to become more responsive towards young, in general, and their own volunteers and workers. Focusing, thus, on Volunteering &Youth, INNOVOL is […]

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V for Volunteers (V4V)

Purpose of the Project: V for Volunteers (V4V) aims to empower youth workers and support staff who are experienced in the volunteerism field to develop competences related to promotion, implementation and mainstreaming of volunteer projects as a tool for social inclusion and de-radicalization as well as to contribute to the legal decision and policy-making processes […]

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One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead is a cross-national initiative designed to promote social entrepreneurship as a way for empowering youth at risk. Our aim is to increase professional capacities of participating NGOs by developing and giving them access to educational tools and methodological approaches allowing them to open up social enterprises that would contribute to sustainable development […]

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The Enhancement Of Youth Entrepreneurship In Rural

Project aims to enhance skills and competences of youth on entrepreneurship in rural areas besides to provide the online training module and pilot trainings for youth by promoting them entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurship can be defined as activities related to the operation of bringing together production factors such as capital, natural resources, labor in […]

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Digital Relationships: Kick-Off Meeting in Germany

The world, in which we live in, is becoming more and more digitized. This affects particularly    young people and increasingly also children. They spend most of their social time online, contacting and chatting with friends. However, this applies not only to young people – also more and more elderly people use the opportunities offered us […]

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