„Job shadowing” is a type of an internship that provides precious and practical experience. It lets participants know overall of somebody’s working space and attend some of their tasks. Thanks to „Leaders in the intercultural organisation” project Autokreacja Foundation’s employees have an opportunity to have a look at their partners’ work. The first trip in […]

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Along with technology, trade and communication development all over the world, there is as well a growth of multiculturalism. It is no longer surprising to meet – especially in a major city – someone of other faiths, from another country or with different skin colour. Despite this fact, a lot of people are afraid of […]

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NoH8@all (no hate at all)

This project was motivated by the increasing need to combat against the growing problem of human rights violations on the Internet, which are usually in the form of “hate speech”. Based on the idea that the use of human rights education is one of the most efficient ways in such a combat, the project aims […]

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