MEETING IN ALBACETE – tests of the game prototype!

During the stay in Albacete, we have tested the prototype of a board game, which contributes the idea of social enterprise. The game aims to get into an entrepreneur and run a business in such a way, that the company not only generates profit, but also scores the “happiness” points. By getting them, the player […]

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GENERATIONS IN INTERACTION – pilot group in Poland

What comes to your mind when you think of an intergenerational meeting? A typical family dinner? Awkward discussions on politics, weddings, divorces, funerals…? Or maybe other way round: a joint walk, cinema, theatre? Recollections of journeys and adventures? Never ending talks about life in the atmosphere of openness, trust and laughter? A group of people […]

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„Job shadowing” is a type of an internship that provides precious and practical experience. It lets participants know overall of somebody’s working space and attend some of their tasks. Thanks to „Leaders in the intercultural organisation” project Autokreacja Foundation’s employees have an opportunity to have a look at their partners’ work. The first trip in […]

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