MEETING IN ALBACETE – tests of the game prototype!

During the stay in Albacete, we have tested the prototype of a board game, which contributes the idea of social enterprise. The game aims to get into an entrepreneur and run a business in such a way, that the company not only generates profit, but also scores the “happiness” points. By getting them, the player can provide real changes for the local community. However, our business is not detached from reality – it must still bring profits and be competitive. This game is not like any other game – it is not just about the money, but also about influencing society through careful planning, taking care of your job and striving for your goals.

The game is currently being additionally tested and has its graphic layout refinished. The “GATES” Project aims to create innovative training tools for youth workers, based on two complementary pedagogical approaches: game-based training and learning from each other.

A short partners meeting – youth workers – allowed to test the educational solution, which has been developed during the project implementation. It was also an opportunity to build relationships between partners, which has a significant impact on the sustainability of the project and its future outputs, also after the end of its official financing.

Strengthening personal contacts between emploees will provide real opportunities for exchange of ideas, techniques and best practices. Besides of testing our game, each of the partners presents the “game based learning” methods. One of them was the Lego Serious Play method.

There were also created short film relations. One of them presents study visits to social enterprises in Albacete.

“Building skills for social entrepreneurship. Game based training to answer the disruptive shift that will reshape the youth workforce landscape” Project is financed by the EU Erasmus+ Program.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania erasmus +

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