8 reasons why you should volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is an exceptional opportunity to discover new things: new country, new culture, new friendships. And in the surrounding of those new experiences, there is the main element of your trip – participating in the change for better.

Below you will find 8 main reasons (there are many more!) why you should apply for Volunteering in Asia and choose Nepal.

  1. You are collaborating with our partner organization that has been in action since 2005. During its 13 years of experience, more than 1000 volunteers from all over the world have volunteered with them.
  2. You can choose from a variety of opportunities to volunteer in Nepal – anyone can find a project they will be interested in and help where this help is needed.
  3. You discover new culture, live close to nature, and have an unforgettable rewarding experience by living in a home stay with a Nepali family.
  4. After arrival you participate in an induction training, during which you will learn the basics of Nepalese language.
  5. You’ll have 24/7 support of our partner organisation via phone, and also the project coordinator and other workers will be available to you.
  6. You gain a volunteer experience like no other, without breaking the bank – the fee covers the cost of your stay and goes directly to the community & local employment.
  7. You will experience the world-famous, natural beauty of Nepal. Mountain trekking, jungle safaris, rafting and bungee jumping are all easily accessible from Kathmandu.
  8. Daily you will be working with volunteers from all over the world, while forging friendships that will last a lifetime.


All doubts are gone? Apply for Volunteering in Nepal!

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